Old's Cool = Old School + Wit.

Old's Cool — (adj) used approvingly to suggest the way things were is sometimes better than the way things are.

Our cool genius designs and authenticity are old school to the bone. Take this 100% cotton UP-i-tee: excellence and art that's made to take a beating, wherever you wear it, rain or shine, and to look go-to-hell gorgeous, even after you wash it half to death. No pocket. (As J. Peterman says, you have to carry everything you have in your head.) Proudly Made in America. 

Unapologetic excellence and traditional craftsmanship and quality are expensive these days, for good reason. We believe you can't buy character – if you want your old's cool to look old school you know what you have to do – go out into the world and make something of yourself.

We're almost ready to introduce our "Sm(art)ist of the Month" – a series on traditional creative types we admire – if that isn't a contradiction in terms – that'll run the gamut from pottery to poetry. Meantime, you can get merch'ed right up:  Buy Sm(art)ist Now.

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How not to be an idiot.

How not to be an idiot.

Lotta life lessons underneath an automobile.
November 25, 2017 by Johnny Mustard
Who's there?

Who's there?

When I was living in Hamburg I got the dreaded “knock on the door” in the middle of the night.
October 22, 2017 by Johnny Mustard
Nullarbor, Schmullarbor.

Nullarbor, Schmullarbor.

Pinkawillinie. Karkoo. Koonibba. Eucla. The names don’t exactly roll off the tongue...
October 13, 2017 by Johnny Mustard

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