$ 99.00


The whole point of ONEUPMANSHIP is to have fun with your family and friends. No it's not, it's about winning — pure and simple.

Just kidding! Play the game like you have a pair: Buy low, sell high. Wheel and deal. Then double deal. Live large. Lose huge. My building's bigger. 25 pushups? Boom. Boom. Boom. Trophy Wife swap, anyone? Indian Arm Wrestling... ha, piece of cake. Yikes! Bankruptcy happens. The first player to reach $100,000 without losing their shorts (so-to-speak), wins.

ONEUPMANSHIP is an open invitation to everyone who's sick to death of video game crack, or hates the idea of playing the same-old tired, unfun "classics", or who doesn't find card games for horrible people particularly entertaining. We don't think there's anything wrong with being a "heartless, cutthroat jerk" or a "smelly, basement-dwelling capitalist swine" is there? Of course not.