ONEUPMANSHIP – Monopoly for the 21st Century.

$ 29.99

Are you a "greedy, self-serving punk?"

Of course you are. And you're tired of playing the same old, same old unfun "classics" – Monopoly isn't a genuine strategy board game, and there's not a lot of risk-reward action going on. Cards Against Humanity is edgy, but it's too edgy, hence its sophomoric appeal. Scrabble takes way too long. Chess is difficult, but only two can play.

ONEUPMANSHIP is an all-new "Darwinian" strategy money game.

ONEUPMANSHIP is, like all of our games, a brand-new classic – real-world fun that's not only unfair, frustrating, and physical, but also educational – you'll know who the winners and who are the losers right away. Ha! Guaranteed to liven-up any family get-together or holiday party, this is spicy "bet big, win big" game of guts, vision and wit – and one that absolutely takes no prisoners. Monopoly is so 2000-late!

Easy to learn.

The mechanics of ONEUPMANSHIP are simple: each player starts out with $5,000, and the first one to reach $100,000 by either investing in the stock market, buying real estate, purchasing "trophies" or betting against the other players wins.

But WAIT! We added another dimension that takes the game off the board and into the realm of meta-game: "$ Cards" are personal, physical and mental challenges that are really about proving what you are made of. Some of them are hilarious, some are meant to hurt – Alphabet Memory Game; Rock, Paper, Scissors; Indian Arm Wrestling; Push-up Contest, etc.

The perfect antidote to video-game crack. 

ONEUPMANSHIP is an open invitation to everyone who's sick to death of video game crack, or hates the idea of playing the same-old tired, unfun "classics", or who are tired of losers always getting a "participation"trophy." We don't think there's anything wrong with being a "heartless, cutthroat jerk" or a "smelly, basement-dwelling capitalist swine" is there? Of course not. The only question is, then, are you ready to be an unapologetic winner?

Bring back game night in a big way.

We think in this time of Corona Virus, quarantines, and lockdowns, that fun and games is just what the doctor ordered. There's nothing better than sitting down together as a family, or with friends, and playing a traditional board game. No cell phones. No internet. No tv. Just good old-fashioned take-no-prisoners fun.

Be the life of the party and the loved/hated hero at your next family get-together for only $29.99

What ONEUPMANSHIP comes with:

• 20" x 20" game board that folds to 10" x 10" 

• stock market indicator board, with marker

• ONEUPMANSHIP money: $1 - $10,000

• 6 x "Star" Trophies

• 4 x Real Estate deeds

• 16 x building blocks

• 6 x company stock cards, 1 - 500 shares

• 32 $ Cards

• 12 x Scarlett Letter "B" stickers

• 4 "pawns"

• 2 dice

• Instruction booklet

• black "faux leather" texture box

• handy "Cheat Sheet"

Designed in the good old U.S. of A.

"20 x better than beer pong!"

"I'm just your average 21 year old, sometimes sober college student training to be a chef at the Culinary Institute of America. One of my friends recently told me about this new game he'd gotten called ONEUPMANSHIP, and how much fun it was. So one Saturday night we broke it out and played. I got the 'Knuckles' card and my hand is still killing me!"

- Jonathan Ikegana, Hyde Park, NY.

An awesome, welcome gift.

ONEUPMANSHIP is the perfect anytime present for the players in your life – a devilish addition to Christmas, birthdays, graduations, weddings. But it's also a cheeky ice-breaker for the friends and family members who don't normally like board games – we guarantee they'll love the rough-and-tumble or your money back!

Gift-wrapped – only $1.99. 

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