Oedipus Wrecks – The Anti-Hero in Literature and Life

$ 15.00

An all-new coolection of our god (damn) blogs, adventurous, ill-conceived and almost always badly executed larks, and gibbering diatribes from the past year or so, jam-packed with often unintended hilarity and back-of-the-woodshed life lessons, heartache, cheek, guts and removed appendixes. 

Seriously, what do we have here? Different kinds of desert winds; an arrest in Tokyo; and a pilgrimage from the transept labyrinth in the Cathedral at Chartres almost all the way to salvation and back. Motorcycles, sailboats and Nazis, rockstars, fake regret and the death of a beautiful woman that ends it all on a high note.

How much would you pay for this naked and depraved education that's probably worth absolutely nothing in the real world, but is, nonetheless, a fatuous and recalcitrant carnival to be unsubtly savored for some if not a lot of its 200 pages...

Only $15? Deal – and we'll include free shipping (U.S. only).