Rock, paper, scissors is for the birds. Whenever two people shout out the same word at the same time in the heat of a wicked/smart game, our "House Rule" is to break the tie with a friendly grapple.

Seriously, Life Lesson #76 is: cheat as necessary.



A man, a ukelele and a ninja.

Doesn't take much to put a smile on the face of the buddy you just stacked a pile of wood one early morning with. And talent of course.


Top-down fun.

Nothing beats a beautiful spring morning full of Fiat sonshine – a teaching moment that doesn't need any words. 

Love for the old-school Dad who hates everything.

"This is a great documentary, a priceless artifact." – David Blasco, 

Indian Summer – The Original American Motorcycle Movie was a big hit for us when we filmed it 20 years ago (in actual film!). We brought it back from the dead late last year, and the digitally-remastered DVD completely sold out over the holidays, to our utter surprise and delight.


We've got a huge new shipment in, and we wanted to give all you old-school gear heads first dibs on killer BOGO (buy one, get one) deal: grab Indian Summer now for only $15, and get the 2nd one FREE. Hurry'up!  


ONEUPMANSHIP is perfect antidote to video-game crack.

Why does it seem that the younger generation is a bunch of whiny, entitled shut-ins? It's mostly because of internet addiction, and global warming of course. Seriously, do you want to man things up a bit around the house, and hammer home some hard truths about winning and losing?



Yes, I want to WIN – and keep my pants on >


"Non Illigitimi Carborundum."

Seriously, was the Second Annual 'Rally Around The Ivy League' a success? Um, hell yah. For us, anyway: we went out there and conquered our fears, the road, and the communists, and had an absolute blast! Mille Miglia, Schmille Schmiglia. Just kidding, about the communists, I mean.


I'm ready to go back to school >


Windshield? We don't need no stinkin' windshield.

Jeep. Sunday morning. Goggles. Wheeeeeee!