$ 12.99

Just what the Doctor (my Dad) Ordered

My dad told me this joke when I was eight, and it's stuck with me ever since: two kids are walking in the woods when one sees something that looks like chocolate drops on the ground. "What are those?" he asks. "They're smart pills," says the other kid, "eat them and they'll make you smarter." The first kid says, "Really?" He picks up a couple and throws them down the hatch. "They taste like rabbit sh*t!" he says, spitting them out. "See, you're getting smarter already."

DISCLAIMER – they're just mints

If you are reading this, it's probably better that you DO NOT PURCHASE SMART PILLS. They are breath mints for people who are already intelligent, and have no obvious medicinal value/use whatsoever. They should always be taken with a grain of salt. They are not sugar (or irony) free, and may have come into contact with nuts.


In fact, we know they have.

A Wicked/Smart Gift

Each order comes with 4 vials of oral insolence (approx. 100 'doses') and will put a smile on anyone's face – just tell them to take two and call you in the morning!

FREE – 1 vial of Smart Pills with any $50 purchase while supplies last. Hurry!