Old's Cool Classic Rugby

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Rugby brings the world together.

Many years ago when my buddy Fred travelled to Barcelona for his junior year abroad, he was worried about fitting in and getting along since he didn't even speak Spanish. At least not that well – after all, he went to an American high school.

When the bus carrying him and his fellow students arrived at the plaza in the small town where they would be staying, the host families were there waiting to greet them. One of the young men in the crowd came up to him and asked if he played rugby, since his cleats were hanging off his backpack. He said yes, he did. 

The guy then said that the town was just about to have a match against their rival, and would Fred like to play in it? He said yes, but he was supposed to meet his host family. The guy asked him who it was, and when Fred told him, he said that he would send word.

They won the match, and Fred ended up partying all night with the team at the local pub. He was literally the bloody hero of the town, forever, before he had even unpacked his bags.

Do you love heavy-duty truth and quality?

Of course you do. You're the type who is tired of trite, and hungry for the tried and true; a back-to-basics, no-nonsense lady (or gentleman) who prefers the classics over stylishness or trendy, and who's only ever willing to settle for the best the world has to offer. We're that person too, and this is just the ticket.

Old's Cool is best cool.

Our original, bullet-proof 10-ounce, 100% cotton rugby shirt with exclusive "OLD'S COOL" tackle twill letters sewn with integrity across the chest. Guaranteed to last a lifetime and look gorgeous and classy every day you own it. Your son or daughter, when he or she eventually gets this family heirloom, will agree – max epic awesome.

Sizes run a bit big, so you might consider ordering one size smaller than you normally would.

Proudly Made in the USA.

Gift-wrapped for any occasion for only a buck ninety-nine extra.

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