The Fantastic Adventures of the Presleys of Fox Hollow Farm

$ 35.00

Water: An Account of the Fantastic Adventures of the Presleys of Fox Hollow Farm is the second in a 4-book series (Fire, Earth and Air), and it’s a terrific (G-Rated) mix of Harry Potter and The Penderwicks. Wonderful and wondrous, snappy and happy reading – it's a great family gift for any occasion.

Of course, the J.R.R. Tolkien quote is a joke; but it might not be if he was actually still alive to read this terrific tale.

We're offering the first book in the series, Fire: An Account of the Curious Adventures... and Water at a special bundled price of $35. If you've already read and loved Fire, you can simple choose the "Water" option above and prepare to be delighted again.