The Official Old's Cool Education

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Give the gift of knowledge.

Is there a know-it-all in your life who's impossible to live with, and shop for? We've got just the ticket.

A Man-Up Manual, a Guide, and a Handbook for smart alecks. 

These priceless and timeless primers are our attempt at a classic guide to the really important things in life, and are filled with practical, old-school basics, some hero worship, and the art and science of living well. We guarantee the hands-on wisdom-seekers in your life will love them and love you as the gift-giving hero.

Cutthroat Entertainment/Education/Delight.

Are you smarter than an 11-year old? Let's see: What are the two main ingredients of steel? Who is the only  U.S. President whose first language wasn't English? What was Sleeping Beauty's real name? We'll take you fishing with Einstein, challenge you to top our Toponym, educate you on Price's Law and the Pareto Principle, navigate your yacht around Martha's Vineyard, and play a Latin word matching game. 

"The Holy Trinity of knowledge, wisdom and fun."

– Mike Lerario, Fayetteville, NC

Jam-packed with DIYs and How-tos.

Make some homemade soap; compose a thank-you note; perform brain surgery; and even a step-by-step guide on the easiest way to write a blockbuster Hollywood movie script.

Sports, Literature, History, Science, and Geography.

We'll also introduce you to the great men and women throughout history we look up to: Beryl Markham, General Grant, Maya Lin, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Shakespeare, Montaigne and more. Pascal's Wager. LePlace's Demon. The Gini Coefficient, explained. What are the Four Great Inventions? Where's The Sea of Tranquility? 

What's The Official Old's Cool Education?

Our HANDBOOK, BLACK BOOK and READ BOOK are like having a Harvard education in your pocket.

• 60+ pages each.

• Handy 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" size so you can carry them anywhere: purse, glove box, backpack, head.

• Rugged and reliable 100 lb protective and minimalist cover.

• This 3-book set is only $19.99.

The Perfect Cure for the Quarantine Blues.

What better present than the gift of knowledge? This is certain to be the best gift ever for the cooped-up Corona Virus stir crazies. The Official Old's Cool Education is boredom's annulment.

Gift-wrapped for any celebration or special occasion: $21.98.


LIMITED-TIME SPECIAL: Buy two sets and get the third set FREE. While supplies last, so HURRY!

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