ONEUPMANSHIP – "Way better than Monopoly!"

$ 19.99


Oneupmanship is Monopoly for the 21st Century, and unlike that golden oldie, is a true Darwinian strategy game of guts, vision and wit – and one that absolutely takes no prisoners.

The mechanics of Oneupmanship are simple: each player starts out with $5,000, and the first one to reach $100,000 by either investing in the stock market, buying real estate, purchasing "trophies" or betting against the other players wins.

But wait: we added another dimension that takes the game off the board and into the realm of meta-game: "$ Cards" are personal, physical and mental challenges that are really about proving what you are made of as a human being. Some of them are hilarious, some are meant to hurt – Alphabet Memory Game; Rock, Paper, Scissors; Indian Arm Wrestling, Push-up Contest, etc. 

Yikes! We hope you have as much fun playing Oneupmanship as we did making it – it's guaranteed to turn your whole family and all your friends into "smelly, basement-dwelling capitalists" or "greedy, self-serving punks" if they aren't already.

Are you game?