Playing mind games is wicked/fun!

Playing mind games is wicked/fun!

Just finished prototyping and play-testing our latest and greatest – The Wicked/Smart Party Card Game – and have added it to the collection. We've played it many times now to make sure the mechanics were right, the rules were understandable and unambiguous, and there was a healthy mix of fun, flippancy, smarts, and heartache.

This is a grown-up card game that asks tons of trivia and thought-provoking questions that'll give everyone a lesson in humility, history, sports, science, literature and geography. And wit.

Here's a sample "hard" question for all you smart alecks out there: Everyone knows the First and Second Amendments – what's the Third?

But there are also a bunch of "challenge" cards that throw hilarious physical and mental wrenches into the works: Indian Arm Wrestling, A Staring Contest, and what about a round of Truth or Dare? Or double dare?

The player with the most cards at the end wins.

Only $24.99


"Show us a good loser and we'll show you a real loser."

The mechanics of Oneupmanship are simple: each player starts out with $5,000, and the first one to reach $100,000 by either investing in the stock market, buying real estate, purchasing "trophies" or betting against the other players wins.

But wait: we added another dimension that takes the game off the board and into the realm of meta-game: "$ Cards" are personal, physical and mental challenges that are really about proving what you are made of as a human being. And they're meant to hurt.

Seriously, we hope you have as much fun playing Oneupmanship as we did making it – guaranteed to turn your whole family and all your friends into "greedy, self-serving punks."

What's the cool backstory?


And now it's ON SALE for only $14.99 fer chrissakes... 



Middle name + First pet = Porn name

My folks bought a house in 1964 from the Cruikshanks, an old couple who left their dog Mustard behind since they were moving to a retirement home and couldn't take him. Because my middle name is John, my porn name is Johnny Mustard, according to the old-school rules (middle name + first pet). 

I always thought it had a nice ring to it, and decided to use it as a pseudonym if I ever needed one. Which is kind of ironic because I headlined under my real name when I was actually making skin flicks back in the late '80s. I still remember the director yelling "Put some mustard on it!" 

What's yours? The ickier and awfuller the better: